Writing, Alternative Fairy Tales, and Gender Roles on The Liz McMullen Show

On Sunday June 9, I was on The Liz McMullen Show. Liz  interviewed me about my short stories and work. We  chatted about my work with Stonewall National Museum, my latest short stories, my radio stories for Facets of the Heart, and much more.

If you click through to my page on The Liz McMullen Show, you'll get two FREE stories

The Liz McMullen Show is an original talk show where Liz interviews authors on anything from their body of work to current events. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, very much like a conversation in a cozy living room. Click here to learn more about The Liz McMullen Show 

The stories we talked about include:

***  "The Sea Stone" - AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT WILDE MAGAZINE - One of my all time favorites,  "The Sea Stone" is another of my alternative fairy tales. We'd like to believe that love can make everything better, can paste over problems in a relationship, can transform all of us, and sometimes it can. But sometimes we want what may not be possible. Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid ventured into the unknown for love, and in the original fairy tale, we learn that "each step was like a knife cutting into her flesh," but so great is her determination to find her prince, that she keeps going, even at the sake of her own new and tender feet. The mermaid creature in "The Sea Stone" is made of similar stuff: she's willing to get on an airplane and wipe ocean water from her legs if it means seeing her farmer, but she knows in her heart that the journey may be too great for her. Love challenges us and shows ourselves to ourselves. It's the best and most perfect mirror we have. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT "THE SEA  STONE," PLEASE GO HERE.

*** "Awake" - SOON TO BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT SUBTEXT QUEER ARTS MAGAZINE - Another of my alternative fairy tales, "Awake" is Sleeping Beauty...with a very modern twist. TO READ MORE ABOUT "AWAKE," PLEASE GO HERE.


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