Cancerland, published in Lunch Ticket Magazine

In June, the superb online magazine of Antioch University's MFA program, LunchTicket, published a very special and honestly, gut wrenching piece. It's taken seven years to even get the concept down and once again, I returned to the subject of cancer, caregiving, and how it forms a world all of its own.

Thank you to all the people who wrote me to tell me how this piece touched them and a special thanks to the awesome and kind team of LT who helped with the editing process. And thank you Allie Marini Batts (You Might Curse Before You Bless) writer extraordinaire, who never stopped encouraging me and once knitted me a blanket to keep me warm through cancerland.

Please go read, and click "like" at the bottom of LunchTicket's page.


Fact: My hands are too short to reach mom’s cancer.
How Cancer Changed Me: My logic is the safest thing I have. I write lists about logic. I make everything neat and ordered. There is a careful, measured safety in lists. I can see how far they stretch. Nothing sneaks up on me. I love a good list. To read the rest of Cancerland, please click here.

Til next time and thanks for reading!


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