Second Edition Book Shop Takes Local ABC's Best Bookstore and Japan in SoFl

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Here are two blogs I wrote for my good friends over at The Desoto. The first is to celebrate the occasion of my beloved local Second Edition Book Shop winning Local 10/ABC's contest for Best Bookstore. This - to me - heralds the return of a mom-and-pop "green" business over both local and industry giants such as Books and Books, Tate's Comics, and Barnes and Noble.

The second is about South Florida's Morikami Museum - a piece of Japanese culture in SoFl.

I’m so proud to report that my beloved mom-and-pop local bookstore Second Edition Book Shop (or as I like to call it The Little Green Bookstore That Could) won South Florida’s Local 10/ABC contest for Best Bookshop 2013. This is no mean feat – the little green bookstore beat out industry giants such as Barnes and Noble and local establishments such as Miami’s famous independent bookstore, Books and Books, in a two month race for the coveted Best Of 2013 title. (Read the rest behind the cut).....
The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens is an exotic South Florida treasure. If you’ve been dreaming of an adventure to Japan, come to South Florida instead and visit our piece of Japan: The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. (Read the rest behind the cut)...

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