"The Sea Stone" in Wilde Magazine!

Listeners of the Blogtalk Radio Show Facets of the Heart may remember that I read "The Sea Stone" on the February show.

"The Sea Stone" was just picked up for publication in the Spring issue of Wilde Magazine. It will be available for purchase on their website. We'll post more as it becomes available.

What is "The Sea Stone"?

"The Sea Stone" is another of my alternative fairy tales . As with most of my writing, this story is about love between two women - or in this case, a human woman and a female mermaid dealing with a unique relationship.

Why Did You Write "The Sea Stone"?

"The Sea Stone" is a very special and personal story. Love can conquer distance, but can it conquer the gap between worlds? We'd all like to believe it can. We'd like to believe that love can make everything better, can paste over problems in a relationship, can transform all of us, and sometimes it can. But sometimes we want what may not be possible. Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid ventured into the unknown for love, and in the original fairy tale, we learn that "each step was like a knife cutting into her flesh," but so great is her determination to find her prince, that she keeps going, even at the sake of her own new and tender feet. The mermaid creature in "The Sea Stone" is made of similar stuff: she's willing to get on an airplane and wipe ocean water from her legs if it means seeing her farmer, but she knows in her heart that the journey may be too great for her. Love challenges us and shows ourselves to ourselves. It's the best and most perfect mirror we have.

Someone asked me "Isn't the mermaid in 'The Sea Stone' also a selkie?" 

Yep. I was mixing my images. ;-) A selkie is a creature from Irish mythology - a seal who sheds its skin to become a human being, and must keep the sealskin in order to return to its ocean home.
There's plenty of poor selkies of legend who decide to take a vacation on land and then - lo and behold - their sealskin is destroyed or lost and they're stuck. I have a thing for selkies because the risks they take are usually for adventure or love, even if their pelt is stolen in the end.

 Selkies were featured in the WONDERFUL movie The Secret of Roan Inish (1996). The trailer for it is below.

I'll post more about "The Sea Stone" as it becomes available. Thanks for reading.


Also, on tonight's episode of Facets of the Heart, I read from an unpublished work tentatively titled Morgan and Jane. I hope to get it done soon, but there's this damn thing called Rocu and they have the entire West Wing series. (Lazy writer!)

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