Short Story "Awake" on "Facets of the Heart Radio" Monday, 1/7!

On 1/7/13, Tune in to "Facets of the Heart" to  hear "Awake"
BEFORE it hits stands in 2013!

I'm excited to offer you a unique opportunity to hear one of my favorite short stories BEFORE it hits stands. "Awake" is a short story that's dear to me - it's my alternative retelling of Sleeping Beauty and on January 7, 2013, you'll be able to hear it for free before the spring 2013 magazine release.

How Can I Hear "Awake"? 

Tune into  the Blogtalk Radio Show "Facets of the Heart"on Monday Jan 7th at 10 pm EST/ 7pm PT as DJ Solaris  explores the mysteries of attraction, fate, and true love.  I'll be sharing selections from my short story "Awake" - a same-sex retelling of the Sleeping Beauty myth. If you didn't catch it here  last year, no worries. You'll be able to read it here in the spring of 2013, but why wait?

Can't wait until Monday night to hear it LIVE? Here's a little teaser to, well, tease you.

"I never knew that a woman could be a prince before the day the spindle pierced my flesh. I hoped but didn’t know how to tell my secrets. The witch knew and she wished me to sleep..."


Why Retell a Classic Fairy Tale?

Because if you grew up L, G, B, or T, you didn't see your inner fairy tale reflected in Disney movies! Fairy tales and classic myths fascinate me and there's nothing I like better than inverting established structures. Sleeping Beauty is awakened, not by Prince Charming, but by a female knight and, as Beauty wakes, she struggles to recall a century's worth of dreams. Beauty could not have imagined a world in which women can legally marry, no more than she could have dreamed of a life without corsets. 

Why Did You Write "Awake"?

On a grand scale, I wrote "Awake" to express the many ways in which the gay community has evolved in the last several years, but I really wrote it to feed that inner child who wanted her fairy tales with a side order of queer.  :)

Is There a Full Length Version of "Awake" Coming Soon?

Not yet, but there IS an alternative fairy tale in the works, scheduled to be finished this year, with a hopeful (fingers crossed) publication date of early 2014. 

I Love Fairy Tales! What Are Some Other Fairy Tale Retellings I Should Read?

Marian Zimmer Bradley's feminist take on the Arthurian legends Mists of Avalon (1983) is a must-have, but hardcore MZB fans may prefer to skip the clunky 2001 miniseries. Check out Melinda Lo's brilliant, Lambda Literary Award Finalist, Ash and the prequel Huntress. Long before her Room became a national bestseller, author Emma Donoghue wrote Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins - it's completely wonderful. 

Didn't You Write a Column About LGBT Fairy Tales?

I did! If you missed "What If My Prince Charming Is a Princess? Fairy Tales Go Gay" when it originally ran at The Desoto, read it here

Tune in Monday, 1/7 to Facets of the Heart and hear "Awake" before it hits magazine stands in the spring of 2013!



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