Writing: Creating Your Life

In a few days, I'll join forces with April Claxton and Deb Nutitle, my Co-Inspirers for our Secret Behind the Secret event in Weston, Florida. For more daily tips, join Happy Ganesh on Facebook.

I'll be talking about the wonders of writing. How to do it. How to use it. More importantly, how to trust your heart.

Writing is an act of faith.

 It is all about trust. When you put pen to paper, you're saying to the universe that you matter, that your ideas can change your life, and that your thoughts  can become clear action.

Here are some writing-to-creation tips, to get us ready for Sunday.

1) Get excited. Creation is fun! Kids know this. Ever see a sad five year old? Sure you do, but you also see thrilled-to-be-alive five year olds with finger paint dripping from their hands (and your walls). The best thing about children is their ability to CREATE WITHOUT APOLOGY.

2) Stay in the present tense. Experiment with writing down what you're grateful for right now! Not what you feel you SHOULD be grateful for, but what you really are grateful for. Start with how you feel.

3) Write half a paragraph all about what it is you desire. But.....write about it as IF IT'S ALREADY HERE. Because it is. You have to get into the energy of what you want before it can come. Your joy is the parking space for that thing you want, be it a relationship, a car, more money, more peace, whatever. So speak and write as if you have this "thing" you want because the "thing" is not seperate from us. It never was. Anything is possible. Period.

Happy Writing!



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