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Check out some of my other work at The Desoto!

In addition to my posts here at The Writing Wonderland, I'm also a very active blog/web writer.

If you're curious about some of my work elsewhere on the web, one of the places you can direct your web browser to is  The Desoto Inn ( - "Green and Alternative Travel Blog" 

I write 4 weekly articles for Hollywood's "secret gem" of an inn. The topics are about green and alternative travel, ranging from ecologically-friendly how-tos, green travel tips, green book reviews, and much, much more.

Previously, some of the most recent blog posts have been:

The Halloween Creature's Guide to Green Living  - written for Halloween of 2011 to show that just because you're undead doesn't mean you have to ignore eco-friendly principles

LGBT Hero Alison Bechdel - one of a few pieces written for the Desoto to commemorate LGBT History Month. This one focuses on lesbian comic book author Alison Bechdel, whose latest book topped Time Magazine's "Best Of" list in 2006.

Green Travel Safety - How to stay aware and alert, while still staying eco-friendly on the road.

The Green Travel Attitude Checklist - Travel of any kind takes a certain lightheartedness and optimism. Do you have what it takes?


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