The Books and Books Poetry Reading on August 6th!

From Left to Right: Marissa Cohen, Shefali Choksi, and Kristin Berkey-Abbott
as featured in the Books and Books August ad

August was a very exciting month. I had a chance to read from my forthcoming poetry book "Tricking the Goddess" at the independent bookstore Books and Books in the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art. Joining me were fellow poets Shefali Choksi (Frontier Literature) and Dr. Kristin-Berkey Abbott, author of I Stand Here Shredding Documents and Whistling Past the Graveyard.

Edmund Skellings, Poet Laureate of Florida said about the work featured in my upcoming Tricking the Goddess, "[Marissa Cohen's work is] powerful, both intellectually and emotionally."

(Edmund Skellings was known as the "electric poet" in the 70s, when his work with language and technology ushered in a new era of creativity. Decades before we were all running wild with laptops and iPads, Skellings understood that social media and poetry could change the landscape of creativity. High praise from a legend of poetry.)

The evening was an amazing success and the Books and Books venue at MOAFL is light-filled and beautiful, an inspiration to any writer. A special thanks to the Books and Books staff for making sure we were taken care of. I felt like Anne Rice with that kind of attention!

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